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Need a tinter in Lake Havasu City, AZ. $50-75K

Guest Tintmaster, AZ

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Guest Tintmaster, AZ

Need a good, dependable tinter that does clean work in Lake Havasu. Automotive and flatglass. This is a yearound job, NOT just for the season. I can keep you as busy all year. My current tinter will soon be leaving. He does about 5 or 6 cars a day and currently makes about $55,000 a year plus cash bonuses. The more you do the more you make.

My location makes all the difference in the world. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. My shop is at Car Toyz in the middle of town. It is a full detail, high end stereo, car washthat has an incredible reutation in town for customer satisfaction. Roughly 150-250 cars a day stroll through here. And everyone wants window tint. I have all but 1 dealership in town locked up, as I personally offer other services to them, so I have a great relationship with not only the managers, but the owners as well.

You will not need to do anything except tint cars and flatglass, as myself and one other person deal with the customers, handle billing, retrieve and return cars. Most of the dealers gladly bring their own cars and retrieve them.

If you have the ability to do 6-8 completes a day, this is an easy $75,000 a year job.

I don't run a slave shop! At 5 oclock, I want to go home as bad as you do. Occasionally, as with every job, we will need to stay late once in a while. We work from 8:30 sharp-5:00 M-F or earlier, and maybe every other Saturday 9-2 or as the work demands.

If you are interested, contact me at SILVERAGE@NPGCABLE.COM

P.S. If you have difficulty showing up on time, or have a major dr*g or alchohol problem, please don't contact me.

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