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After the mustang ordeal I figured I'd do some research on the proper techiniques and I came across this site. I read through the auto tinting instructions and feel that I am ready to buy a heat gun and start doing curved glass the right way. First off where did you guys get your guns at? Second - what are your oppinions on the different ways (wet or dry) for shrinking - which do you prefer and why? Third - it seems that anchoring just means to let the film stick to the outside of the window - is this true? When using the baby powder how do you anchor the tint? - there isn't any water to squeegee out. and finally do you all pre cut the tinit exaclt to size before putting it on the window? or leave some extra to be cut after it is on and squeegeed? if achroing is just used to hold the tint in place - I think that using magnets on opposite sides of the glass would work - just an idea

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Guest thetintshop
feel that I am ready to buy a heat gun and start doing curved glass the right way.

sorry for the first post, I had yet to read the other post you had. you are by no means "ready" for anything this advanced. you're trying to learn calculus when you haven't even completed kindergarten yet.

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get yourself a tubesock and fill it with baby powder, bounce it around on the back glass. mark it up and sorted :poop

MDOG has a thing for tube socks these days.

Spin-off of some sort of weird foot-fetish?


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