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silver shortage

Guest RED

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post-12422-1149203386.jpghad this job set up to do this morning and ordered the film yesterday (no names mentioned to protet the guilty), and I get a message at 3:34 pm cdt that there was no silver/ reflective to be had(oh and btw that was 4:34p edt after shipping hours were over). The customer was having a grand opening today and the job had to be done. 3m was the winner, and at my cost + next day air shipping, but never the less job was completed in less than four hours today. :DD
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Why wait till the last second to order film?  :DD  Job looks good though.  :DD


thanks OT :DD I sold the job yesterday morning and it was one of those( How soon can you have it done) kinda jobs. then it turned into can you have it done before 5pm tomm.

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Guest vclimber

Man, I had that same phone call back in the 90's. One year at about this very same time a certain mfg ran out of 20% silver film. I couldn't believe it. :DD The begingin of June and no 20% silver!!!! That's like running out of candy right before Halloween. :DD

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