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Law Enforcement Vehicles

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The owner and I had a discussion on doing this job this morning about the liability of the issue. We do glass as well and we could be sued if the glass in not installed to the correct manufacturers recommendations. The same thing can happen if what you last posted were to happen. At the same time though, we can legally do this percentage with a medical exemption. The majority of the customers we have that get this excemption are so old, they dont need to be driving in the first place. Maybe we need a legal document excluding us of any and all liablity for these vehicles, my conscience is another story.

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Guest willie


1 K-9 unit and 4 new chargers

5 on the rears 35 on the doors 5% visor

I was under the impression that there was an exemtion for some of these state owned cars

and police cars :cool -clarification would be great

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Our K-9 units have 5% rears for the dogs, not sure about undercover vehicles. I did a few several years ago for our undercover dr*g units, but I'm not sure on the law.

I guess on a moral issue, if installing this film for this purpose helps them bust dr*g dealers and it helps them to keep that stuff out of my neighborhood and away from my kids, I'll do it all day long and loan them a weapon of choice.

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(4) The light transmittance requirement of this Section does not apply to windows behind the driver on trucks, busses, trailers, motor homes, multipurpose passenger vehicles, and all windows on vehicles used for law enforcement purposes and tinted in accordance with the provisions of this Section.

This is off of the Louisiana State Police website! :cool:lol2

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Guest Olfablade

I've done the Oceanside PD cars for 9 years. Back in 03, the new Police Cheif demanded that all 42 undercover cars be legal. I stripped the fronts at 35% on 42 vehicles in 2 days. The detectives were mad and miffed about doing their work only from the back seat. I see their point, but the Cheif wanted it all legal. I Can't blame him. :nope

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