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Glass Broke !

Guest Tint Masters

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Guest Tint Masters

:lol2 Wow! I was cleaning a window on a boat yesterday and it broke! :lol6 The glass people said I did it! :lol6:lol6

I was only cleaning it! The glass is 1/2" temp. Laminated. :lol6 How do you prove that you did not do it!? :lol2

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:lol6 Wow! I was cleaning a window on a boat yesterday and it broke!  :lol6 The glass people said I did it!  :lol2  :lol6


Of coarse they did! :lol6 You were "using it " at the time .

Most likely it was installed wrong and the glass needed someone to come along and aggravate a hidden pressure crack in it or something by giving it a little extra pressure.

No matter what ..there's only 2 things you can do:

1. Tell them to :lol2

2. Suck it up and pay for it even if you know your cleaning procedure didn't do it :DD

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but it's nothing I did"

This is true.

But so is this . . .

Not much you can do about it though. Tint for long enough and it is bound to happen sooner or later.

It sounds like you're blameless, but that you probably still have to suck it up and take the punishment. Hopefully you're making big solar dollars on this one.

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Guest expertint

You're not supposed to tint laminated glass anyway.I don't know if that's what you were doing but be careful. How did they know anyway??

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have the glass company pull the frames off and see if there is a nail or screw going into the edge of the window somewhere behind the frame. If that is the case or the crack started behind the frame then how could you have caused the break if it originated behind the frame.

I have seen a window crack and when the frames were removed when it was installed a nail went into the edge of it and cracked it but it didnt expand until the tint went on.

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Guest WillTint4$

I would pay for it and move on. Nice to have a good relationship witha glass shop too.

The first year I started doing flat work I had a 44 sq.ft dual pane bust w/LuLu 1035. The window was 14" off the floor. Micigan code sayes that should be tempered. Needless to say, western exposure, NOT tempered...

snapped in 3 days. I replaced the window at about $500 w/ grey factory tinted glass. Those customers were so happy I took care of them that they still YEARS latter send me work.

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