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New Tahoe and Yukon Beware!

Guest Eclipse

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Guest Eclipse

I recently purchased the new 07 Yukon.

I have noticed that the rubber weatherstrip, that the window rolls up into, at the top of the door frame, is quite abrasive.

I am beginning to get scratches in my film on the upper 1/4 inch of my front rollups. It is possible that sanding the weatherstrip will

remove the abrasive bumps that are on the factory rubber. I have not tried this yet. I expect others will begin to see these comebacks

and may have to modify the rubber/plastic seals.

Attached is a photo of the scratches. Hope this helps.Scratches

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Guest Eclipse

It took 3 weeks for those scratches to show up on my ride.

I tinted another Tahoe today, and before I installed the film, I sanded the rubber down so that it is baby soft.

Hope that solves the problem.

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Guest solarspot

WOW never thought of that got me worried now I did notice the seal is more like a hard plastic

than rubber I just thought COOL no felt to tape off done about 20 last month (work at dealership)

advise well taken THANKS or just say :spit:spit

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