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Wanted: My ATLANTA home tinted!

Guest Hybrid93Hatch

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Guest Hybrid93Hatch

I don't have the dimensions on hand, but I need the following tinted:


What you don't see is one window in the front bedroom upstairs that is the exact same as the 2 left upper level shown above. I believe the backdoor will be one piece as the white wood crossbars is screwed onto the door. I have a window on the left side of the house (left looking at the pic) that is identical to the room out front. I may have it tinted as well, but not sure if needed since it never gets direct sunlight.

The sun rises to the back of the house. For the 3 upstair windows you see, I would like it as dark as possible.

Windows are double pane, pretty sure annealed glass (family starter home built last year), and the sun hits the back of the house from rise until est. 4-5pm.

My contact information:

Name: Jonathan

Location Locust Grove, GA (30 miles south of ATLANTA off I-75)

Contact: Hybrid93Hatch@yahoo.com

Thanks for any help!

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