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Guest b00gieman

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Guest zolar

$50 wagner :)

I will get a jiffy when it dies :lol2

hey zola :lol6 r, does that thing really work well?

hurll yeah

....and sorry I missed you in Marietta

there was a really bad wreck on 75....with me stuck in it :beer

anyhoo..... the steamer is the shizz

it takes some getting used to

I can usually get the film and glue off at once

I am gonna make a steamer out of a cornelius tank soon :beer

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Guest zolar
thats cool.how bout I swing by soon. Did you here from the distributer that showed your tool to?

oh even better

I delivered 1000 tools to GDI

they are available worldwide through GDI tools

I am about to have some flames templates out soon too

...and some cool new shiat

still trying to get the new shop finished

and take over the world and shizz :beer

I will PM you my new #s

I ran over the cell phone

...it had it coming :):lol2


....and you will freak at the new shop !!!

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