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Hey Blade,

If you were caught downunder working in "an unsafe work environment" like the picture showed, you'd be in huge trouble with our government body known as "Worksafe."

The fines are quite substantial and the law is that any working platform station above 2 m (6') off the deck has to have scaffold erected.

Nice job. Is it double glazed and what is the film?


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dayamn...anything above 6ft. has to be done on scaffolding? that would suck. :bingo they're dual pane clear windows. SG's solar bronze 20 on the uppers and 35 on the lowers. took us about 3 1/2 hours to do.

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Guest sunbuster
man...I need to get a decent set. ladder work sucks azz :bingo especially jumping from one ladder to the other to get the window done. :dunno


looks nice though, bronze haters :dunno


Been There, Done that! It takes less time to do it that way than set up scaffold. GET AN extension ladder, with an long bar attachment, you can go any where. Nice Job!

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