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I can see the emails between some of you!

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"Forget Dinner, Let's Have Dessert"

Waiting at the booth in the back of the restaurant, tint checked his watch. It wasn't that willamina was late; rather tint was just dying to see her. They'd both been so busy lately, so much was going on in their lives, and they just hadn't had been able to spend much time together. But finally, tonight, Friday, they'd at least get to share a nice dinner, talk, catch up. This restaurant may not have been the fanciest in San Fransico, but it was their favorite. tint took a sip of his beer. The waitress appeared. "Anything I can get for you while you wait?" she asked. Just the love of my life, tint wanted to answer. But he merely smiled slightly, and said "No thanks."

As he turned from the waitress, tint's slight smile turned into a 100 watt glow. Because willamina was gliding toward the table. She is so gorgeous, tint thought. Everything about her: those penetrating hazel eyes, her fabulous figure, her beautiful brown hair, and God, is anyone sexier than her when she wears her special p@nties? tint got to his feet to greet her. "You... you look familiar," he said, kiddingly. "Yeah. Maybe we knew each other in a past life," willamina countered. They exchanged a gentle kiss. willamina slid into the booth, and tint followed, and though there was plenty of room, they sat right next to each other, shoulders touching. The waitress reappeared. Before she could even ask, tint said, "The lady would like a diet, please."

Clink went the glasses holding willamina's diet and tint's beer. Each took long sips, their eyes locked on each other. Under the table, they held hands tightly. They played catch up for a while, tint going first, then willamina taking his turn. But in the middle of a story about his pet dog, he just blurted out, "God I love you." It actually stunned them both for a moment. Not that they didn't tell each other that a lot, but just the way it sort of burst out of its own accord. willamina smiled at him. "I love you too," she said. And then she kissed him. And kept kissing him. It tasted better than vanilla. Her hand traveled up the back of his neck, and into his thick head of black hair. He returned the kiss. Deeply. Passionately. And it wasn't until the waitress had slid their salads in front of them that they even realized she was there. With a slightly embarrassed smile, they broke apart. "Fresh ground pepper?" she asked. Both shook their heads no. They were able to keep straight faces until the waitress walked off, then both began to chuckle.

It was as the salad plates were being removed that tint felt willamina's hand on his thigh. His upper thigh. "I know that lately we haven't been as, well, as active, as you'd like," she said. "And I'm sorry." "It's nobody's fault," tint said. "Well, we're gonna make up for it tonight," willamina said. And she slid her hand up to his crotch, resting it lightly on his package. Which was slowly beginning to stir. "By the way," willamina continued, "I'm not wearing any p@nties." Suddenly that stirring accelerated. "You can check, if you don't believe me," willamina said. tint dropped his hand under the table. He reached under the hem of willamina's dress, and slid it along her thigh. Slowly he moved it higher, and higher along her smooth skin. The edge of his hand felt the her sausage, and then ................

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