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what you think of this shop?

Guest phivewon

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Guest phivewon

called up 3 shops to get quotes. ranged from --- to ---.

so I decided to go check out the shops and get some vibes.

2 of the shops were closed and one said by appointment only, so I dont think ill really be able to check it out in advance.

anyways, the third was open and looked fine. this was the shop that charges --- guy was real nice, had pics of cars hed done on the wall. took me out front to look at a mercedes he had just done, looked real clean, cept for some bubbling, which, correct me if im wrong, takes a few days to go away and dry up.

didnt get what type of film he used except for that it was "metallic". whatever that means.

has a lifetime guarantee, which is in writing and he has been in business for 20 years so I guess that means hes pretty legit and reliable?

everything seemed fine but I had a couple concerns yall might be able to help me out with.

he quoted the job taking about 1 hour 20 mins. does this sound about right?

he also had no idea when I asked about felt, I explained why I was asking and he said he hasnt had any problems like that.

anyways, if yall have time to give a short opinion, I would appreciated any input


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Guest Bob30

phivewon I don't think you can use Prices in here.

But remember, you get what you pay for.

"didnt get what type of film he used except for that it was "metallic". whatever that means."

You should know exactly what type of tint you are getting before you get it tinted.

Brand? Series?

When you find out ask people in here what they think of that tint and if it has any problems or search this forum's logs where it has probably already been answered.

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Guest phivewon

called the shop today and asked what brand they used and he said "johnson's window film"


Well my opinion is,

what is it that you are looking for? what type of film? how dark? one color all around? where you located? depends on where you are to follow your state laws...

somethin that looks good and helps protect from sun damage really. was thinking about 15% all around. im in so cali.

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I have used jonsons film in the past and thought it was a pretty good film,so I say go for it. and that car does not require felt.happy motoring.

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Guest Bob30
got the specific model, its the silhoutte one:


I have never used that tint. But I believe it may fade.

Ask someone else who knows more about it.

Try to find out what the warranty is on the tint. That will usually tell you how long it will last.

Anything over 10 years should be good.

Remember "you get what you pay for"

Good Luck

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