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73 Monte Rear Window

Guest ssarver

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Guest ssarver

Hi guys, was hoping you could help me out. I'm trying to tint the back glass of a 73 monte carlo. This window is quite "curved' and has a seem going right down the middle of the window. When I lay a 48' piece of tint over the window (so I can do one piece) using the dry method, there is a huge finger that goes the whole length of the window. there is no where I can "separate' it so I can shrink from either top or bottom. So I try hitting the middle of the finger with the gun, it shrinks and I end of getting creases in the tint every time. does this window need to be be done via the two piece method? I know years ago I had a monte and paid someone and I remember a line through it so they did a two piece. Any help would be appreciated.



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