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Stolen film

Guest firstglass

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Guest firstglass

Hi all, had a small tinting job to do today, so loaded 4rolls of Johnsons on the van so I could easily match the tint to the heated rear window on a freelander we were replacing, all 24inch and brand new rolls, as I had 3 commercial screens to fit afterwards I asked the dealership if I could leave the film in there stores as I was back in the afternoon to do an all-rounder on a 350z.

On my return in the afternoon I couldn,t find the film in the stores, I asked the storeman and he told me that they must be where I left them---- they wern,t!!!!---- so let this be a warning, no matter how well you think you know some people, never let your stock out of your sight.

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Guest signjoe

That's a real pisser mate.

If you left the stuff in their stores in a secure area with their permission, why not just invoice them for the tint.

I know you probably won't get paid for it but you'll get the management interested in their thieving scumbag staff.

Then the rolls could "suddenly" turn up again - it has happened to me before and "suddenly" someone remembers where the stuff is when the management get involved.




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Guest solarspot

yep make a BIG fuss more than likely you'll see your film

work at dealership make ready stole cell phone out of car

police got involved and what do u know phone turned up

2 hrs later like magic

how people steal tools and material of someone who makes

his/her living off I'll never understand like taking my kids

happy meal off the table


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Guest Shady

That sucks, I agree you should kick up a bit of fuss. phone, write and meet with the management and keep on at em'. Make the a-hole that stole it wish he didn't. defenately worth making a deal about though.

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