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The Thalidomide of window tinting

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Tinters/shop owners,

If ever you wanted to see what the future lies ahead for automotive window tinting in a harsh country's solar environment, then look no further than these pictures.

It's the hidden curse of automotive window tinting.

There are jobs like this everywhere everyday.

For the uninitiated, it's where the rear screens have been heat shrunk and the film's adhesive has collapsed a few years later showing the evidence of where the fingers once were.

We never get this with splicing as an alternative means of application as the heat gun is no where near the film.




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One particular distributor won't cover it because it has been heat shrunk.

That's his way of getting out of a claim anyway he can....bastard!

But back glass and Will,

If that doesn't get you then try this which is dramatically just as common.

This next photo is where the film has simply "let go" and reverted back to it's own pre-shrunk shape by fingering on the sides.

There are lots of this around as well. :evilgrin:stop



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