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4 mil with no attachment

Guest Billy22

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Guest Billy22

n Florida, They are recommending LLumar 4mil for our windows.

No attachments as our double pane windows are well inside the frame.

Around $2K for the 4mil, another $900 for the 8mil. They don't recommend the 8mil for double pain windows as it isn't cost justified. *8 patio doors and 11 windows.

The reason we are considering the film is for hurricanes. Our house is built to the 120mph standard, seems like the film would add another layer, hopefully keeping the glass in the window and rain out/

Will it do the job without attachments, They indicate that it isn't needed with double pain windows, inset around 3/`16"

Is it worth the difference for the 8 mil ?

This is a testing related article, but it did use the attachment.


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