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Nissan Primera 1999 model

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You all love my posts.. lol.. My mates got a Primera 1999, looks really easy to do, dont want to charge him ott, just enough to cover the cost of me buying the film, so I can cover my expenses...


Are they easy, any problems I may encounter..

Sorr for these threads, but the cars I do day in day out, are all brand new, so these old uns are a rariety to me!

Thanks folks!

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Guest Shady

Should be straight forward, which is just as well if your doing it at mates rates. Some saloon models have a rear window wiper which motor gets in the way, but its not on my list of MF's!!! so you should be OK.

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Easy vehicle, use a nice sharp blade to cut your 45 degree in the 1/4 rubber, knife also comes in handy to scrape any glass your normal scraper cant reach in said 1/4.



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