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New printer

Guest Tint Wiz

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Guest Tint Wiz

Just got our brand new Roland 54" print and cut just cost the earth will post pics up


How is the printer working out? :bingo

Lets see some pics :lol

The new printer is sitting in my new unit which has no electric as of yet haved been promised it will be on by the end of the week :dunno will go and take some pics and show off my new unused printer :bingo

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Guest Tint Wiz
Hey Wiz, your still in Kirby though?? :lol6

Going to do my best to take a trip out to see you, like to see the Wrapping side of things in action!



Yes jj me still going to be on the Industrail Park

Here it is the new printer


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Guest Tint Wiz
unit 6 - I'll be round for the printer at midnight!


edit your post - lose the address!

Never even give it a thought :beer all scousers are not a like , anyway me got a big steel gate on the inside :lol6

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