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Flat Glass Calculation

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Ok, I've search the forum to try to find the correct way to calculate sq. footage but to no avail.

What is the best, accurate and most used way to calculate?

This is how I do it: (L x W) / 144 = sq footage

I've heard some ppl do it this way: ((L x W) / 144)) + 2 = sq footage

Some even divide by 122......

So, which is the most accurate and widely used by you pros.

Thanks in advance!!!!! :hmmm

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Width x Height= whatever then divide by 144 and that gives you the square foot. Just remember there are 2 different sq ft numbers. There is glass sq ft and then there is film sq ft. You are going to bid the job by the film requirment sq ft. so if the windows are 54 inches wide and 44 inches tall then the film requirement will be 60 x 48.

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Another thing to keep in mind... When you are looking at the windows, make a note if you need a straightedge to get behind locks or whatever.

This one job I did I forgot to note that, so my pulls out of the box were the other way from what I had figured out on how much film I needed. Fortunately, I have enough but just barely. :trustme


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Guest vclimber
I charge per linear foot nowadays.

I add up the lengths of the windows, then multiply that by the whatever I feel like charging per foot that day.

:beer Them's winter rates.

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