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Probs with shrinking BG

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I did a wet shrink on a back glass and while trying to fix the anchor I couldn't get all the fingers to the bottom and top but ended up with some fingers on the sides left and right....

How can I properly anchor so that no fingers pop up on the left and right?

Thanks, Leo

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if they are less than 1-2 " long on the sides,don't worry about them,shrink the top and bottom normally,trim,and apply. if any fingers left,heat them out then.

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Guest tint rookie

anchor, getting most of 99% of fingers to top or bottom.


any smaller fingers on sides, place finger under or above the finger, and force it to run up to the top or down towards the bottom. sometimes you dont even have to force it all the way to the top or bottom. as long as its 90 deg. to the factory edge you can shink it where it sits.

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