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Would you give up your own business to work for a company??

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I've been doing sub-type work for another shop, and they asked if I would consider going full-time with them.

I have no idea what to do. I've only been on my own for about 2.5 years... Work is far from steady, but I'm not on the street or anything. :beer

I like having the freedom and control of being my own boss, but at the same time I'd like the stability of working for someone else.

Of course, this would be a lot different if I was married and/or had kids...

Blimey... it's all my moms fault for having me get a paper route when I was a kid. Ever since then I've always had an entrepreneurial mindset. :thumb

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Just keep the relationship you have now, and do sub work. I am a subcontractor myself and have had the same question asked to me before. If they like your work and want you to work fulltime for them then they will still call you when they have work comming in. Just make sure you take care of their work when they call. Or keep a schedule of your work days so you can pencil them in when they have work. Just tell them to give you as much upfront notice as they can.

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It's a tough call..I've given up a couple of generous offers (especially in the last few yrs) to keep what it is I have ...I've been happy having my own business all these yrs and don't regret it ..does it mean it was the right choice? hard to say..just keep the mind set that whatever you choose, do the very best wit hit and as long as you can have the freedom to do the things you want to do ,than that's all that really matters in the end :thumb

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I just dont want a BOSS-I'm too set in my ways!Seems to me the time you spend SUBBIN would be better spent promoting your own business! If your hangin in there now-one to two cars more everyday or a flat glass job or two weeklyshould really firm your shop up! :beer Just another view! :thumb

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I cant disagree with that... but I dont know what else to try.

Thats the other thing... Ive spent so much freaking time and $$ trying to make this work... if I dont see it though......

Of course, then again when do you stop spinning your wheels?!?

Dang it...

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if it wasnt for all the $$ spent on trying to get started, the answer would be simple,

your in the same spot as me, I have moved to a different location and am trying to be a bit more agressive with sales and so far it seams to be working.

some times you need to step back and see if there is an option to "shock the system"

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2.5 years and you still on your own? That is awesome!!

I owned my own shop for five years. I had three employees (biggest headache in the world), a wife and four kids. The shop was still growing and late in the fifth year I sold it to move to CA (biggest mistake of my life).

Long story short I am now living back in DE working at a shop that is owned by one of my former employees. I like no haveing the headache of a shop but I miss the income and the freedom.

My advise to you is to give it another 2.5 years and then take another look.

Oh and my old shop is now 11 years old and our competition. :thumb

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