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Liabilty Insurance?

Guest Pyromanikk

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Guest Pyromanikk

Are any of you guys covered?

and if so what kind of policy do you have and how much is it running you?

Im shopping around for insurance.

I plan on doing flat glass and auto. vinyl and film.



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Guest Key West

Anyone who trucks ladders and scaffolding into a customers house would be a fool not to be insured :thumb I had a helper once drop a scaffolding cross member on a guys 60" TV, Scratched the shiot out of it. Another time, my partner was carrying in a 12' step ladder thru the kitchen and BAM. dented a brand new stainless refridgerator. All it takes is a momentary lapse of attention.

Back to the topic. I have 1,000,000 in liability. 500.00 deductible, and costs me under 500.00 per year Given the recent swing into HUGE multi-million dollar homes we've been going into the past few years, I'm thinking of upping that to 2,000,000 :beer

When shopping, make sure that they categorize you under draperis/window treatments/blinds. My agent had tried to categorize me as a carpenter/ construction. :beer HUGE difference in price of insurance. :beer

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