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90 miles of beach

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Do you US people have a beach as long and straight as this?

It's 90 miles and not a soul on it.

We also have the Transcontinental Railway which stretches across the Nullarbor from Port Augusta in South Australia to Perth in Western Australia, and includes the longest section of straight railway track in the world (478 km/290 mls). The Eyre Highway passes through the its southern-most area, and includes the longest straight section of tarred highway in the world (146.6 km/90mls.

Everything is big downunder.



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Beautiful place there Dev. :beer

No beaches left anywhere near that long or empty left in the U.S., that I know of...

They have all been ruined by over developement and tourism.

I can't stand to walk on our local beach and see that it looks like an ashtray!!! :beer

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Guest Bob30

Most of the our(USA's) West Coast is uninhabited excluding suburbs of major cities, and a few small coastal towns here and there. However, you freeze your booty off unless its summer or your in southern cali.

I say we annex mexico into the USA, they're all coming over here anyway. This way we get all the warm beaches too. ;)

By the way Mexico has plenty of awesome Coastal Areas left completely undeveloped.

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