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nano clay

Guest tint rookie

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Guest tint rookie



over heard some banter at a bar, ritzy happyhour crap. got on google to learn more. alledgedly, even sporatically spaced areas of this nanoclay, in paint, wall building materials deflects radio, bluetooth, microwave, wireless phone signals, etc., cant escape. so esentially you could build a "safe room"

would be a nightmare on gps and such in auto apps. but for home and/or offices demanding paranoid level privacy.....

would be an interesting developement.

I havent been able to find anything on if its transparent or not. hell if we can do it with metal, why not?

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Guest Braud Spectrum

Well. It sounds promising but I sure hope they do some serious testing before it's in everything and all over the place. Be like asbestos. Years later we find out it's not safe. :lol2

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