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May be dropping LluLlu

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Hey everyone. It's been a few months since I've wasted space on here. Anyways, what I'm thinking of doing is dropping LluLlu and trying out Johhn. I've been having problems with LluLlu lately and I am really unsure if it's me or not. I'm not a newbie but don't tint all that much. I've been running into problems in shrinking. Just like last week I had an old Impala in ('64 409 SS to be exact) and I know doing old cars can be a task especially because of the window trim and rubber boots that like to hold water and dirt.

Anyways, I got fed up with trying to get LluLlu to lay down so I just bought some crap from Autozone and it laid down much easier. So that got me thinking about looking at other films. Of course J's rep bad mouthed what I was using and said how much nicer their stuff is. I know the prices seem much better but is there really that much difference? Are any of you out there using J films and if so, which ones are you using.

Forgive me on this topic but I need some help. :spit

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Perhaps it was the type of film rather than the brand of film ...possibly a defective roll ? Can happen.

It's not that I'm trying to stop you from trying other brands, but rather you'll most likely not find a HUGE difference in one brand to another if your comparing the same types of film from one professional company to another.

I edited your post taking out the "official ' name of the film you were not happy with ( we get the idea ) liability issues for the forum :spit

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Where are you located?

Have you contacted your distributor with your issues? In theory, a distributor is supposed to do more than just sell you film. They should help you use it.

I know of some other tinters who were having some problems working with their product. Their rep came out and showed them some tricks.

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I think alot of it is you.Don't take offense to this, let me explain myself.LUlu is a good film and a good company to have on your side, but their film can be a bit tricky to master at times for some people.Your style and touch may not be in tune with tHat type of material . When I started I went through a lot of film and headaches for a while. So don't give up just yet, hang in there.

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Guest tintdawg

Llumar has differant lines, what are you using? 'Llumastar' is very easy to use. If you can't shrink it, Jonny cant help you. Now, if it was 3m(cs) or solargard I would understand. I just dont see a problem using LuLu.

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Wow, thanks for all the replys. Yeah, I'm sure it's more "me" than Lulu. I've contacted them a few times. Usually they just tell me to try this or that and sell me more tools. In the last 5 years or so I've been tinting, I have yet to see my rep. I thought too I could get a rep up into my area (Bucyrus, Ohio) but he's usually around the Columbus area you know, to the bigger shops.

I was going nutz with the freaking tint curling on the edges. The last try I thought I had it looking good. I mean I shrank it nice and it was laying nice and flat while I had it on the outside. I bet I spent over 90 minutes trying to shrink it without creasing it. So, I pull it off and put it on my transfer panel, clean up the edges and give it a go. I get it on the window and I'll be damned if one corner keeps curling and then I crease it. I wasted over 3'x36' worth of tint. Yes, I didn't make ANY money here.

I just have to show you all this car though (of course no window closups!!!!)




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