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Tinting '06 Ford Escape Hybrid

Guest Geek Gal

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Guest Geek Gal

I am interested in getting the driver's window and front passenger's window in my '06 Ford Escape HYBRID (FWD) tinted to match the factory tinted rear door windows and lift gate window. I have no idea what the Ford Escape Hybrid's factory tint is in terms of % of light transmission, but I want that same % on my driver's window and front passenger's window, assuming it keeps the windows legal (Texas tint laws appear to be that said windows cannot be less than 25% light transmission, and this is cumulative meaning if my windows in fact already have some % of factory tint (which they may), any additional tint cannot make the window permit less than 25% light transmission once applied.

I want any tint that's applied to be just as dark as the factory tinted windows and match it in hue (eg. no bluish or purplish color cast) as well. I also would hope it had a generous (if not lifetime of vehicle) warranty against fading, bubbling, tearing or scratching due to normal use.

I have a friend out-of-state who had this done on his 2005 Ford Escape Hybrid and he said it matches perfectly, but I have no way of seeing his vehicle in person. He said they used a product called Formula One AM-30 (Pinnacle series).

I've read a little about the Huper Optic product but am more concerned with the tint I get applied appearing as "stock/factory" so I don't want to mess with any tints that will be more metallic/reflective/have a different hue when viewed from the exterior of the vehicle.

I'm looking for two bits of feedback, specifically:

One) a recommendation on type of film or at least how difficult it will be for a professional tint shop to match my factory tint in terms of appearance and function (reducing light transmission into the vehicle). Can I trust my local Ford dealership to do it? They did the tint on our 2001 Ford F-150 Supercrew 4x4 and that tint still looks good, but there was no tint on the vehicle at the outset so they didn't have to match the applied tint to anything.

Two) a recommendation on where to have the tint applied. I am in San Antonio, Texas.

Thanks for your help!

- Shannon


'06 Ford Escape Hybrid w/Nav, FWD

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Guest Geek Gal
Usually factory tint is around 20% transmittance, so you wont legally be able to match the darkness, but the color should be close with the LLumar film you mentioned.

Keep it legal :lol

I noticed from reading other threads about the non-hybrid Escape's tint (as well as the Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute) that the tint's darker than I thought. Definitely not trying to get illegal tint, just trying to cut out some of the horrific Texas summer heat (vehicle's garaged when not in use, but any little bit would help.)

Any suggestion on if I should just go with the dealer vs. an established tint shop locally? Actually, I may be showing my ignorance -- I don't know if the dealer does it themselves or contracts tint work out to a local shop, anyway. :bat

Thanks for the feedback!


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Sometimes dealerships contract it out to local tint shops and charge you 4 or 5 times the price that the same shop would charge you directly, other times the dealership will hire a young kid to do the work not realizing the skill involved, so I would suggest taking it to a reputable tint shop and NOT a car dealer...ever.

Best of luck :lol2

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Guest Geek Gal
welcome GeekGal !!!


cute site :lol

the llumar site may be helpfull in locating a dealer in your area too

the formula one is an excellent choice of films

best of luck in your quest

I hope to find a hybrid Escape in my garage one day :lol2

Hehe... thanks for the props, and the info/links. Much appreciated!

I love the Ford Escape Hybrid, although she's so quiet in electric only mode that I have to roll down my windows and crank up my stereo so kids on bicycles and pedestrians engaged in deep thought can actually hear my vehicle approach. ;) {not kidding! If I'm in all electric mode, which is generally 0-30mph but can be as much as 40mph, the only noise outside the vehicle is the sound of tires on pavement and a high pitch quiet whine of the electric motor!}

Wish I'd found TintDude back when my '92 Corolla was still new... she sure could have used tinted windows. I didn't know any better back then and figured all tint jobs ended up looking like all the self installs I see on the roads -- bubbles, tears, streaks, discoloration, etc... esp. folks who slap the cheap stuff on top of their defroster coils... but I'm gettin' off-topic. :bat

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Guest Geek Gal

Argh, so only two tint shops are even listed in the San Antonio area. With all the tint I see on vehicles around here, stuff I know isn't factory, that's disconcerting. I know there are a bunch more shops, but I also have seen some of the work some of them do (one need only look at some of the ricers in the parking lots) and it's not all good. And some of it's probably not legal, either.

I looked at my front windows again and the factory tint on the front windows is darker than I thought. I guess the effect of seeing the very dark factory tint on the back and rear windows makes the fronts look clear, when they're actually a shade darker than my husband's tinted F-150 front windows (that, or my dark interior makes them look a little darker).

Tint stuff's confuzin' ;-)

I have a couple emails out to two shops (er, one shop; the other I need to call because the email listed on FormulaOne's site goes to their 'corporate hq' not the local shop -- a chain store, since there are 2 locations in town.) And another email to my Ford dealership just to put out feelers.

Am I right my door panels are probably coming off to get tint applied? Is that a huge hassle on an SUV? I've watched my Dad remove the door panels on my mom's '97 Camaro (don't knock it; she loves it and had a CAT-back installed.... and handicapped plates, no less. She's a fiesty 25+ year rheumatoid arthritis sufferer). The Camaro was *relatively* painless but I look at my panels and they look rather nuts... seems like as cars get newer/fancier some of the simple stuff gets complicated, too.

I have a few squeaks as it is that I need the dealer to check out. I don't really want to have them claim my tint job is making the squeaks, so I'm thinking I probably need to postpone tinting 'til I've had my first dealer service.

No wonder customers can be a PITA. I'm already obsessing and I haven't even brought my car anywhere yet. In my defense, it's my first new car in 14 years and a vehicle I'll be keeping for at least 10 years, so it's kind of important.

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Guest Geek Gal

Yes, I'm talking to myself.

Actually, this is just to thank everyone here on TintDude.com for your assistance because due to your replies and other posts her on this site, I have located an experienced tint shop locally and exchanged several informative emails with them (everyone else I emailed, including the Ford dealership -- no surprise -- has not yet responded).

I'll be setting up an appointment soon and, if it's permitted, I'll post an AFTER photo. (BEFORE looks similar to my avatar, though not exactly -- the front windows aren't that dark yet.)

So, thanks again. Awesome website with experienced professionals. You guys rock!

Gotta love the 'Net!

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