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hey, how often are you guys taking door panels off? Every vehicle? Just the ones that are impossible to do without? Never? It seems like on some cars it will take much more time than it would be worth and others would suck balls to do with the panel on. If you are taken them off do you carry a bunch of the stupid azz plastic clips that get broken when removing the panel? thanks

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there is only one car that warrants door panel removal IMO and its the '96 and newer ford taurus. I remove them all the time, only a few screws per panel, and they just pop right off....all others, I just do with them on....and I don't use a gasket wizard...just a lil chizzler. :lol6

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Ijus pull the rubber gasket out if it's easy..(Grand prix) etc.. or use Gasket wizard on the ones I can't do that with (protege) etc.. and pull thepanels on the rare one that the plastic on the panel is in the way of the Gasket wizard( SPAM) etc...or tuck the rubber as a last resort (newer Jetta) if it'seasier and it will come out clean..my way anyways..as I say as long as the method forthe vehicle is time - friendly and the quality is not jeopordized :lol6

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no joke there, mdog. Especially the 2 door. The gaskets are so tight and you CAN NOT, I repeat, CAN NOT use ANY heat on the outside of those doors to make anything lay down. The bottom trim is covered in some cheap vinyl looking crap that wrinkles all up at about 90 degrees. I've had them come straight off the truck down here to get tinted and the trim is already screwed. I make the salesman or manager come right back down here and see it before I even pull it inside.

:lol6 honda

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