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Advice on American Girls

Guest Spesh

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Guest Spesh

Well, have just got the itinerary for my trip and will be in Hawaii for 3 days and in Seattle for about 1.5 weeks........having a beer or 10 with powertints as well....btw powertints, will be on $AUD which is completely shite.

I am asking fellow tinters advice on this.....should Spesh:-

1: Crank his Aussie accent to the max

2: Tell bullshit tales of life threatening situations with crocodiles

3: Drink beer as though it was water...as he normally does.

4: Tell tall tales about Australian life (Kangaroos do deliver the mail you know)

5: Explain his indepth knowledge of the American P**n industry

6: Act like a virgin and get sympathy

7: Be himself.

I am the first to admit it, I am no oil painting, so I need all the advice that I can get.

Here is a pick of me


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Guest wkjoyce

Get a big phat platinum chain and watch, diamonds in each ear, a diamond/platinum bracelet and a big head (a large diamond ring). Then tell everyone your Eminem's manager.


But seriously, be yourself, it's the only way you'll feel VICTORIOUS when you score.

"Posted: Tue May 27, 2003 2:44 am "

Also try getting some sleep...

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Guest S and S

Be yourself and DO use the accent heavily (alot of us girls love accents) do act stupid like your TRYING to impress because we can tell and yes rent a hot car!!!!

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Guest powertints

You are on your own in Hawaii, but I'll show you the ropes when you come here. Dont worry mate, we'll get yah some!! :mrgreen:

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Guest DontWorryItWillDry

:lol6 holy crap you're too funny Spesh. I saw the word P**n in there....if you want to impress them w/ your in depth knowledge on American P**n....tell them that you tinted Vivid Videos old offices in the Valley. Van Nuys to be exact. Tell them you met D.James (older gentleman and co-owner) and he was so impressed with your work, he invited you to his home for a party w/ some of the Vivid Girls the following weekend. He has a slight British accent and parties like a mad man. He is totally down to earth and "shares" his girls too. That's how Miss DWIWD (see pic to left) got started in tinting..through me. :lol6

Oh, and if all that doesn't work, tell them your cousin Mel Gibson...based the original Mad Max movie on your life!!!

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