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Deciding whether or not to re-tint my car

Guest g0ast

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Guest g0ast

Hello, I came across this forum from googling it, and I decided to try asking my question here. Hopefully someone can assist me :trustme

Points of my story and my dilemma:

--- The AZ legal (35%) on ALL windows except windshield, and limo tint is (and was) over all said windows

--- Limo (5%) tint on rear windshield and on rear driver/passenger side windows

--- Limo (5%) tint visor strip on front windshield

--- A friend of mine who does tinting out of his garage as a profession did the limo tint, until I came back and asked him to remove all of the tint on those two windows, but to leave a small strip of it on the front driver/passenger side windows, because I couldnt see out at night.

--- What you cant see in the picture below are all the very fine scratches on the 35% tint on those windows as a result of removing the limo tint from the bottom, which brings me to my main problem...


The very fine scratches on the existing 35% tint arent very noticible, you cant even see it from the outside, but on the inside, if the sun hits it right, it becomes a very bad annoyance, and to me it looks very dirty, which cant work forever because I spend alot of time keeping it clean. My dilemma is that I'm not sure if I should have it removed and redone, here are my thoughts about it:

Reasons to keep existing tint:

- The tint strip works nicely to keep the sun out and allow me to see outside clearly at the same time.

- It simply looks nice, aftermarket-like, I've recieved many good comments on it.

- Dont have to spend money to fix it

Reasons to redo the tinting:

- Get rid of the scratches

- Get a new and 'cooler' looking tint job**

- Even less heat can get in and more secure**

** The company I have in mind (unrelated to the guy who did the original limo tint) gave me this option:

Remove both the limo strip and the 35% tint on the front driver/passenger side windows and replace the whole window with 13% tint, which will make it dark like limo tint, (just not as dark as 5% + 35%) and still let me see out of the window. $x for the tint on both windows + $x to remove the existing tint on both. An extra option I could choose: $xto remove the limo visor strip on the windshield and fill the entire windshield with 35% tint. (Both are illegal, maximum reduction on front driver/passenger windows allowed in Arizona is 35%, and no tint is allowed on windshield (except visor strips).

Would it be a good idea to do the above? Is it worth the $? I know the legal complications, but with the existing tint, I have not been once stopped by a cop, in fact, one cop told me he actually thought it was cool.

I have questions for people who have experience with this tint.

1: If you have 13% on any windows, does it ever cause problems for you during nighttime driving?

2: Does anybody have at least 35% on their windshield? If so, how does it work out for you?

3: Are the prices good or a little much?


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Guest tintdawg

1st, sounds like the film is being scrached by the windows bottom gaskit. This, most likely, will happen with any film you replace it with, and unfortnatly no one can tell what car will do this. You can have two of the same cars, one will scrach, the other wont. 2nd, allways follow the laws in your area. You dont want to spend the money to 'strip and tint' your windows, just to have johnny law give you a ticket, and have to remove the film anyway.

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I second Tdawg, and third go away , make up your own mind,ya mama's boy..j/k welcome to the board.just redo it legal,that should take care of it! Happy motoring

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I second Tdawg, and third go away , make up your own mind,ya mama's boy..j/k welcome to the board.just redo it legal,that should take care of it! Happy motoring

ya I wud retint it I just redid mine to 5% all around except windshield looks hot

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