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New tanning bed

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I am in heaven now. I spend all day blocking UVs for customers, then come home and lay under the rays right here in my office! It is so much nicer than stripping at the tanning salon.

That's the cure for short, cold Wisconsin winter days. I lay under the bright rays for awhile and my attitude totally changes!

I broke one bulb during set-up, but it works without it. I will have to find someone that carries them.

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Guest Braud Spectrum

:thumb Ohhhhhhhh EO I'm so envious! Don't you feel sexier when you have a tan?

I did that tanning thing a couple years ago on a deal... 10 tans for ten bucks. Had to do it every day as part of the deal or you missed it. But I couldn't believe in about three times going for a couple minutes each I was brown as a berry. :hmmm I think 12 minutes was the maximum I did at the end of my ten days. In the spring, even in the pool it takes me a month of all day Sunday's to get that dark.

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Guest thetintshop

when I bought my wife one for our anniversary, I coudn't wait to get in it. I tanned everyday for several months. could have gone to mexico and blended right in.

after two years, it's like "aw shiot, I need to tan. fuk it, I'll do it tomorrow"

then the next day "aw shiot, I need to tan. fuk it, I'll do it tomorrow"

then the next "aw shiot, I need to tan. fuk it, I'll do it tomorrow"

then the next "aw shiot, I need to tan. fuk it, I'll do it tomorrow"

next thing you know, you haven't been in it in 4 months and you're white as a ghost. and have to start all over. they're nice if you'll use them. at least get in 2 times a week or you'll get in a pattern of not doing it. nothing sucks more than being white, and owning a tanning bed.

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Mine isn't as nice as yours TTS. I have been using the thing every day so far and, since I started with a tan from a 'professional bed', I have only seen a little change in darkness. I can't get too much darker than I am not though, I have very pale skin normally. Because of that BS, if I tanned at a professional 'salon' everyday, I would be burnt to a crisp, especially if it was a 'starter tan'. I can only handle about 8 minutes then, and I am still burnt for three days afterwards!

That's the main reason I try to keep a year-round tan, no chance of burning. Ah, and if I look like a Mexican this winter, it will just fit with my profession! Who better to own a tint-shop? We all stereotype them with a love of their cars/trucks low and tinted dark! Too bad lowriders don't handle snow too well! :thumb

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