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rainbow effect when wearing polarized sunglasses

Guest vital

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Guest vital

When I'm wearing polarized sunglasses, I notice rainbow colors on my driver and passenger side with solargard HP 50% film. When looking at my rearview mirror, my back glass would have this checkerboard look to it also. Are all films like this?

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Guest K4M1

Can someone try to explain this better to me? :beer Would a different brand of tint solve the issue? I have polarized sunglasses. I had been using the glasses in this car without the tint for a long time and had ZERO issues with the windows. They looked identical with or without the polarized glasses. So it is not a tempered glass issue... Now that I have tinted them I get the goofy rainbow effect when I have my polarized glasses on. :lol Is this just low quality tint? I have seen other cars with tinted windows without the rainbow effect through these glasses.

Help! :beer



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Guest tintdawg

I did my windsheild (I know,I know, Im also a vol. firefighter, they dont bother me) Hp 43, I hate it and Im going to take it off and put cs50 on. Dont like the rainbow.

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Guest darkdan

On my crown vic (3M Color Stable metal free film) it does it.

On my Aspire (Suntek Infinity OP full metal film) it does it.

On my F150 (Hanita Solar Steel full metal film) it does it.

On my work truck (3M Tint FX metalized film) it does it.

No, it's not a different tint issue.

On a rainy day it gets really bad (with or without tint).

Here's a good thread on it:


My advice, get new glasses or learn to live with it. I personally like it and think it's cool.

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