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How do I fix light refraction?

Guest Eric

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I had my car professional tinted with 30% 3M CS tint and ever since it's developed this nasty light refraction problem in the rear. I've given it plenty of time to cure, 2 weeks, plenty of sun but I don't think its helped. Heres what my rear window looks like at night, its pretty distracting. What can I do to make it better? :gasp


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Guest cactustint

3 fixes

1 = accept it

2 = press film along each defrost line with back of fingernail to make it refract less

3 = retint with nother tint that is non metal and 1 mil thin

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Guest darkdan

3M CS is a NR film. 1.1 mils thick (I originally thought it was 1.5 mils, but found out this week it's 1.1)

It's also very soft and flexible. Fingernailing should help a lot. But most likely, it's something they'll have to cope with.

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