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Vinyl on dot matrix

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there was apost a while back, can't find it , where I was talking about heating the overlap so you don't see the "white air line " running across the window..finally got a pic of it to show the final results ..hopefully whomever was asking me about this topic finds this..sorry it took so long :dunno

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Guest expertint

Thanks I think it was me inquiring but I didn't read about your method..Do you just heatshrink the vinyl when it's in place and it shrinks up to make a perfect buttseam or What??? Thanks cause I hate those lines.

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I have the pattern already cut (I keep templates made from film ) for all matrix. I tint from the dots down. I heat the top of the film and towel it and let it cool while doing other windows..that way solution from the vinyl wont bleed into the film when doing matrix about half an hour later. Make sure dots is sanded with 1000 grit paper(or whatever kind makes you happy) after vinyl is installed, I blue max it , towel it. Your white line will start to appear. heat it from center to 1 side about half the time you would heat film. then wrap a white scrubbie around a hard card and go from that center to 1 side , then repeat on other side..perfect every time..the overlap is about 1/8 inch. I always use limo tint when doing this, that way you don't see the overlap hardly :dunno

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I overlap , not butt seamed...not that there's anything wrong with that, except that I would think that it would expand and contract at different rates with the sun causing a light gap :dunno

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then wrap a white scrubbie around a hard card and go from that center to 1 side
I'm sure you meant a paper towel, right?

Nope..meant white scrubbie...when you add a white scrubbie wrapped around a hard card you get a tool that effectively works out air and mounting solution in this situation and also dot matrix areas without scratching the film :thumb

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