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olfa blade 'snap offs"


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What takes the least time with the least effort IMO is snapping them on the shop floor so your not taking that container out each time for a "snap", or running to the garbage can each time.

When your car is done , use a telescopic magnet (looks like a radio antenna with a magnet on the end..they're only $1 at the dollar store) do a walk around the car and hover it over the blades.

It picks them all up (the magnets strong enough to hold 10 + snapped blades as you walk once walking around the car) without bending down. Once the magnet has all your blades, just whack the end of the magnet on the rim of the garbage and they all fall into the garbage can.


Takes 20-30 seconds in total..with no extra item to pull out each time you snap and never having to touch the blades with your fingers ..just once a car.

Not THE way ..only A way :nohit:

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Guest cactustint
I think metintz got a TOTW with something like this. some type of magnet to use for that exact reason. so....in other words, yeah stupid idea. :)

ha ha

I found it

I use vacum

nice tip

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Guest MidcoastMW
WTF....it is steel and it is a ferrous metal.....I use a mag pick-up tool for mine too.....nothing but OLFA Stainless Steel for me either

:rollin All Im sayin is GOOD stainless, like 300series, is NOT magnetic.

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Guest MidcoastMW

sorry....thought steel was steel.....just checked out my stainless pots and magnets don't stick to them....

hey Midcoast....where are you located in the "land of lincoln"??

bout 1hr NW of Chicago. Suburbs of the suburbs over here, :lol6

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