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Guest Sharek

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Guest Sharek

I have been tinkering around with my plotter ....doing side jobs here and there. I have been thining about opening a small sign shop and wanted to get some input from everyone on what where and how.

In my hometown there are 3 sign shops already to I refer to as alley shops not very big and one guy who has been around for years.

If you could....whats the best type shop (building wise) other then big enough to do my work in....

What amount of start up....I own the plotter......software and programs ....a large amount of vinyl already ....I was looking more in the insurance etc end.....

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My opinion would be start small, possibly mobile.

Keep the overhead low, work from your house and have a van with signage all over it

to go out and install after you pre measure and make the sign.

Have good insurance for sure, a local agent can point you in the right direction.

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Guest S and S

Start small and build up but if you do want to rent a shop make sure you have a bay in it and if ossible one big enough to fit road tractors in because once people found out I was doing it I do a lot of trucks.

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