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well a customer calls me about a month ago saying that she got her bosses car tinted at one of my affiliates shop. I don't remember exactly but my Affiliate pulled her receipt and stuff and sowed that we put 35% on the car.

her boss got a ticket for 23%. SO I am like WTF.

She says that the state patrol said to bring in a receipt and a sample of the film for them to measure. WE gave her the receipt and a sample.

today she says that the sample tested at 23% and they retested teh car at 27%.

now our law states 32% I know but with a +-3% variance so 29% net.

The retesting officer also stated that the device is accurate up to+- 2%...

So I am looking at this.

The car didn?t test 23% one day and a few days later test 27% on the same damn window. :finger:

The sample didn?t test 23% ( although be it from a different roll of film but same manufacture) and yes I am sure that I got it out of a 35% box. :thumb

The state Patrol has issues with their meters :finger:

I am ordering a meter today.

I would tell more details but I can't type for that long and Blade wont' read long posts :dunno

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