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Best way for two tinters to split a car


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Josh Preps, I cut. Then I do the drivers side and rear window while he does the passenger side and then goes and preps the next one. After he preps the next car I start cutting the film and he touches up and wipes down the first one, then we start all over again.

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Guest Eclipse

We don't split cars very much.

When we do, I cut patterns for side windows, and pull panels, He shrinks rear window and installs.

I install sides, he follows up with file and I put panels on.

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I've gone over to OTs shop a few times, and the way I like to split it is......

He gives me some $$$ and I go down the street to this mexican resturant to get lunch and then come back to eat and watch him tint the car :lol6

I like that split :krazy

Mr P and I are stuck in a rut... I think we will start splitting a car differently.

4 drs One person does sides the other does 1/4's and back glass.

2 drs One person does sides and one 1/4 the other does one 1/4 and back glass.

I think that is fair :hmmm

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