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70's Vette.

Guest CSCustoms

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Guest CSCustoms

Well you all should know that when a 70's style vette pulls up, first thing comes to mind is a soar back and fustration. A few years ago when I worked for someone, a vette came in, so a proceeded to do my deeds and do a good job on it cause these guys with there vettes are beyond picky. 3 peice back glass and a deep very tiny space and all and all, done, I noticed a very small finger at the very bottom of the back glass. When I mean small, I mean small. The customer came in, took a look and loved the job. My X-Boss noticed the very small finger that no matter what I did, heat etc, I couldn't get rid of it. And asked me to change the back window while the customer said not to worry about, it looked great. But the Boss said to change it anyways. :lol2

I should of told him to give it a shot himself with him being 6 feet and all to give him a little taste of :duck . I wasn't to happy, that not only I had to do it over again, but having to clean the glue off where I heated it in that tiny little space made my day not a good one. :lol2 Thats why I like to work for myself. Hey if the customer is satisfied. My job is DONE!!!! :beer

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