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Quarter windows made easy

Guest tintdawg

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Guest tintdawg

Ever had problems with quarter glass because of the rubber being on the tight side. You know, we've all pinched a corner or got too much dirt from trying to get the film in. Well here's a trick I learned. Hope it helps you on those stubborn cars that dont want film on their quarter windows. :thumb

1st. Find yourself a stuborn car with a tight 1/4 window.

2nd. Get some wire cutters and some 16 gadge BLACK wire. post-10157-1151865517.jpg

3rd. Eyeball the top edge of the window and cut to fit. post-10157-1151865529.jpg

4th. Using a bone, push the wire up into the rubber, get it all in there, none of it showing. On the top edge only.post-10157-1151865570.jpg

Now you will be left with a big gap that the film can easly slide around in. :rollin

LEAVE WIRE IN, DO NOT REMOVE. Just leave the wire in there, someday a glass guy will say WTF when he finds it.

Hope that helps you out. This can be done pretty fast when you get the hang of it.

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Guest tintdawg
I honestly don't see the point of doing this.If it works for you,okay.

I used to give the guy who showed me this a hard time,a really hard time, untill I tried it. I only use it on cars with really tight rubbers. It works very well, and now I thank him for showing me this trick, It's saved me before. It's just one of those 'tricks'. :rollin

is it easy to get the wire out after applying the film?

Leave the wire in. You dont even know it's there.

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Guest tintgod

do you push the wire in far enough to where you cant see it from the outside..?..just curious..

for me..by the time I do all that..I could have the panel off and the window out.. :rollin

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