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best way to remove REALLY, REALLY OLD film?

Guest edster922

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Guest edster922

OK, I have to square with y'all...it's not car film. Even I don't have a car that old! : )

It's some ancient cheap-@ss generic DIY film that my dad put on their living room windows way back in 1980, and now that my mom's trying to sell the house, we need to remove it since it's pretty fugly from the street and we're putting in some nice stained wooden blinds.

I'm sure you guys have much better, and probably cheaper, methods and concotions than the "tint remover" kit they sell at Home Depot?

I was kind of thinking about WD-40, since it's known to remove even duct tape residue, with is a REAL bee-yatch to get off! (I live in Houston, so after Hurricane Rita passed us up last year we had all these awful "X" things on our windows.)

My main concern is just how much the old film can be removed in the first place. I don't want my mom to be stuck with ugly grimy-looking glass.


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buy a $6 4" scraper from a paint store, some elbow grease with windex, ammonia mix or De solv it, which ever makes you happy (many solvents will do the trick) :rollin

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Guest edster922

hmm, so nobody's ever tried WD-40?

From all this talk of "elbow grease," I gather it ain't gonna be pretty...

BTW, what's less likely to leave scratchmarks: a paint scraper, or a utility knife/razor?

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spray alot of water with joy dishwashing liquid in it, cover it with a garbage bag, after it has been in direct sunlight for 30 minutes or more take a 4" scraper like they use on floor striping jobs and start slicing it off, if your lucky it will take the adheisive off, if not, keep spraying with soapy water and use a 1" razor blade to scrape off the glue.

no need for wd-40 or high odor solvents, unless your going to videotape it and send a copy.

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