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Johnsons Films -Dirt Specs already in Film before removing liner

Guest saf777

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Guest saf777

I have been using johnson's SP range and I am getting problems with their SP35's with white dirt specs and fibres already in the film before I remove the liner. How am I suppose to get a clean job if the dirt is on the film before I installed it on the car. I remember when I first started using johnsons I neva had any problems but then after a little while I started noticing specs of dirt in the rolls. I didn't mind the odd spec here and there but their SP35's always had dirt in them. Its ok if you installing the film on older cars but on newer cars those specs are easier to spot. I have returned X amounts of rolls back ova a year now to johnsons but even the replacements have crap in them, I am so pissed coz I am wasting so much film and johnsons dont want to know... why should I pay for something thats not 100%, I should get those SP35 at a discounted price but when I try to talk to them they say they'll speak to the managers and neva get back to me. I recently started using SunGard slate range and their film standards are 110% and way cheaper.

Does anyone else get these problems?

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Guest saf777
perhaps you should refer the problem to the manufacturere/company rep instead of trying to critize it publicly(SP?) on the forums.

You didn't read my post did you?? I have complained so many times. Its not evry other roll thats damaged its evry damn roll of SP35. I have spoke to the reps about this so many times but they just dont do anything about it.

I like using johnsons but if it carries on like this im gonna switch!!

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Guest execspec

Hi saf777

We had exactly the same problem with a roll of ch35 & ch5 - sent it back & replaced without any probz.

Thats with Johnson (u.k).


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Guest NokTint

I ordered pgc35 20 roll, the box was labeled as pgc35 but when I opened the box ( when I was installing ) the contents was a CH35 !! so I thought they must of put it in the wrong box, so I check the roll core, and what do ya know, theyve labeld the roll core as pgc35 when it was clearly a CHseries film !!!

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Ya johnson is really bad at helping u out if you get a bad roll of film. I had a roll of dn 15 commercial film and it was grainy and hazy looking and nobody helped me with it and I sent it back then they sent me a new roll with the same problem :DD

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