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Static in Non metallised films

Guest malc

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Guest malc

As we are using more and more non metallised films due to the antennae issues, we are back to fighting with the static that builds up in these films. This makes the film diffulcult to handle. sticking on the roll and not rolling out over cutting benches so fourth .....

I was hoping someone has come up with a method of removing that built up charge from the rolls.


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Guest darkdan

I use Global with the "anti-static technology". Surprisingly, it doesn't have any static coming out of the box.

Once you get done shrinking the rear window.....that's a different story.

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Guest Tom Cat
Run a dry rubber squeege across the backside of the film a few times, works for me, :welcome

Has anyone tried using dryer sheets? I only use them when I use cheap a$$ Johnson fiolm.

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