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Dead 3M Nearl 20

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Got invited to fix a home job today installed by one of my competitors in '95. (I saw the original invoice with all the details).

The film was 3M's Nearl 20 and the original installer didn't want to know anything about it and gave all the excuses in the world to not make it good. :thumb

This wonderous film had developed huge full length fingers in it (sheet size 34" X 80") and bubbles all over it too like it had some horrible disease. It was demetalising as well.

More the reason that this "whole warranty thing" is crap even when it happens to supposedly the best recognised film maker in the world. :thumb

Doesn't any bastard (film manufacturers) out there listen to the tinters like ourselves who are right there in the trenches? :thumb

I replaced it with Solargard's RG 20 P Reverse grey and it looked fantastic.


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Guest fastlanedesigns

man, that's scary! I used to hang 3M, not for me but for a lady I worked for... Wonder if that is happening to anything I hung? Guess I am glad I did not buy that shop when she got ready to sell. What a headache!

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G'day Harvey,

It was a 7 year term but the condition this film was in, indicated easily that this just didn't happen overnight. It had been going off way before yesterday.

The stink would make a skunk smell absolutely delightful and the glue was all yellowy.

I've got a digital photo of it but I'm no whiz on the computer. If anyone wants it or perhaps the forum might, I can send it to whoever.


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Fortunatly fly by night tinters cant get 3M, but what concerns me is why the original installer would not redo the windows and charge for it if it was out of warranty. Also I believe the 3M adhesive comes off white. Some shops have been caught selling 3M and putting up less exspensive film, I have to wonder if the original film was actually 3M?

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S and S......the 3M dealer who did the original is still in business but it was pointed out to me by the client that this mob preferred to make more money out of new installs than ugly redos. Hence the crappy service or lack of it.

CC......It was 3M all right. :lol

Actually it wasn't all that hard to get off using new Triumph 6" blades and plenty of soapy solution to the glass but the pong permeated the whole house.

The client couldn't believe what the hell was the stink. They (hubby and wife) went round opening all the other windows. :lol

Ahh pong heaven.....just like a nasty road kill ideal for a Devil :lol6:lol6

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Guest Readyman

We have been using 3M for years and have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of RE20NEARL. To date we have not had any problem with any of the jobs that we have done. Devil, I would have the customer get in touch directly with the 3M distributor in your area. If that film failed under warranty the dealer has to replace it, no getting out of it. After all that's the whole point of being an "authorized dealer" for any of the manufacturers right? That doesn't mean that they have to put 3M back up, the customer can always cite lack of service and dissatisfaction with the product and make 3M pay you to do the job. They may have to fight a little for it, but I have seen it done in the past. Let us know how it turns out.

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