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tinter just bought plotter-help

Guest fimmo

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Guest fimmo

three quick questions, just bought a plotter to add vinyl to my business....

what kind of slip soloution do you all prefer to install large extarnal graphics? can I use the same as my tinting (baby shampoo and water) I've installed a little vinyl before and found it better if I use the same soloution but weaker (not as much shampoo)

I have a bottle of rapic tac lying in my unit,whats that for???

and lastly,anyone got the outline of a toyota mr2 1990-1999 I have a disc that has more or less all uk cars for doing graphic work on but it doesnt have the mr2,can anyone send me a file of it??

cheers you all!! :beach

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Guest signjoe

Hey Fimmo,

Good luck with the cutter - great money maker!

Rapid tac is an application fluid in itself - you use it straight from the sprayer as it is!

It's supposed to be good stuff but I do all vinyl applications dry - faster and better adhesion.

You'd be better off learning to apply dry in the long term but if you must wet apply just use enough J&J/fairy liguid in the sprayer to break the surface tension of the water, not to allow the vinyl to slide around like you would with tint.

You'll see as you spray the fluid as it needs to "sheet" rather than bead if you know what I mean.

An excellent resource is uksignboards.com, you can register for free and post, but if you join as a full member (about 70 squid a year) you get Massive discounts on vinyl and app tape, and loads of other stuff!



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