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Hey TD

big money

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Hey TD,

I watched your post yesterday titled "terror storm, full length movie". I found it very intersting and clever. I had that movie on my mind last night while watching the news, and late last night they announced a finding that was being reported from a Japanese news paper. The report said that the long range missle was aimed at Hawaii. Isnt that convenient for Japan and the U.S. Sounds like they are gearing up for another conflict by putting that information out. All week they didn't know where is was pointed, and they had conflicting reports as to how long it was airborne. Now that two of the six big players are not serious, it was headed for the U.S. which could have fallen short on Japan. :lol6

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The Pentagon spend billions on "psychological operations" through "false flag" terror attacks and the mainstream media:


I don't believe 1/10th of what they "report" anymore. The media was supposed to be a watchdog against government abuse and tyanny (you know tyranny, that thing we are supposed to be "free" from?) Now instead of watchdogs, they are lap dogs and the 4th branch of government.

It's very sad when you realize how bad it has gotten.

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its just another croiny captalism move by our president who just wants to make war with everyone and make money. Some how they will find an excuse to go to war with them, sending our countrymen into harms way for a buck.

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Who the heck DO you believe anymore :lol2:beer

I certainly dont believe our goverment. I dont believe they are doing whats in our best interest. I will agree we are better off without sadam in power, but he never fired a icbm at us. This guy is firing missles, why dont we blow them up on the launch pad? Then you have our democrats who want us out of Iraq, they say the war is a fraud while we have troops in harms way, not to mention that they voted for us to go in the first place, but want us to do something about N.Korea militarily. They, the dems, are now lining up like a pack of dogs in heat trying to be the next dog to screw the American people. Who do we put in office?

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