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Why me?

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lol seams like every time I need something I can't find it. :lol6

Brands of the world doesnt have University of Michigan logo. They have Michigan State, Western Michigan, Central Michigan, Northern Michigan, Ohio State blah, blah, blah.

Looks like I get to buy me this cd off of ebay.

Sports Logo's

Has anyone else bought this CD? If so does it have the University of Michigan's Blue and Yellow M ?

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Guest Grafix-N-Motion

I bought that CD, I will let you know later tonight when I get home.

I have yet to use anything off that CD.

If it is on there I will see about sending it your way.

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u can kiss my ass :gasp u are a dick even when people try to help you.

Thanks for the polite PM Mountianmang. I'm not being a dick. You were sarcastic to me in your post and I was being sarcastic back. I did nothing to offend you more than you offended me. I thought we were cool with eachother like every other person on this board. You telling me no one has ever talked back to you before without you getting pissed off? Not likely.

I tried to PM you but apparently you blocked me from your PM recieved list so therefore I'm responding to your polite PM here.

I have a 732 positive feedback score on ebay from a small business I started 5 years ago. I'm not noob.

I'm ending it here.

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