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1 closed about 6 months ago. Just heard another one closed Last week. Was cofirmed today when Customer told me they had app. there and NO One HOME. More for me. I'm Now 3 weeks Out for App.


Another one showed up today and had a Very bad Tint Job. on 03 Mustang. GOD was it bad. Dot 's looked good . But The rest was CHIT.

I notice more and more shops do Crappy Jobs during Summer. LOL

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Guest tintdawg

Its been slow here. This market is flooded with tint shops. I think that it's going to change. Some of these shops arent any good, so I hope that some of them close, I ready to go solo next year.

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Guest darkdan

I've been slow in June, but it looks like July is going to be busy. August is typically my last month of work. Then I'll do a few cars till March.

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