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what brand of tint is easier to shrink

Guest budz

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Guest budz

:dunno aloha all,

im a part time tinter here, I use madico brand of tints to do all of my customers auto. I dont have any problems shrinking these tints but they take a while to shrink and I usually like to do more cars on my day off which I cant. one reason is because I work alone. and second, it takes time to shrink the rear windows.

so anyone, can you please let me know which brand is easrier to shrink. I dont have accounts because as I mentioned I do tinting as my part time job. I dont mind paying extra. anyone of your help is much appreciated. :lol:lol

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yes the mmmfx is a great shrinking film,looks awesome,but I find it to be a bit delicate when it comes to handling the film,creases easily. I do use this film.Great stuff-just a little "touchy"compared to others of simular type.The advantage stuff allows you to get jiggy widdit.

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Guest darkdan

Stick with what you got. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Each film works a bit different and until you adjust to the way the new one works it will slow you down.

I've found out that now that I'm "revisiting" some of the films I used previously they're much easier to work with. Chalk it up to more experience I guess.

I have ADHD when it comes to picking a brand. LOL.

But I do love my Global QDP.

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Guest Tintbds

:) Maybe nothing wrong with the tint :duck

You do it part time, thus you maybe part-time-fast when it come to tint rear glass. Or you need a hotter heat gun.

Just a :spit

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