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Went fishin


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Yes I got up and outta the house before 6 yesterday. Thanks to TDz for the tips, Went to Rollover Pass and checked it out. Kinda wild how it connects the bay and the Gulf , but is no wider than a street. I bet the current gets fierce! Went to Stingarees @ Crystal beach but didnt eat there cause too early. Learned how to catch blue crab! Then walked on N. Bolivar Jetty 2.3 friggin miles! at the end, caught some really nice specs on big topwater plugs. what a blast when they hit ! Got totally burned..... And yes S&S , I managed to catch the elusive Buzzfish. What a great day! :lol6

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Glad you had a good time! The next trip down to Crystal Beach I'll pm you and maybe we can meet up-I'll show you how to get on them redfish! :lol6 AND THOSE BUZZZZFISH!! :lol2

lOOKS LIKE A GOOD DRIVE FOR YOU! Sounds good, just let me know! :lol6

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