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Heres a good laugh for ya'll

kool kustumz

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:gasp I fractured my outside bone on my foot as I was gettting out of a back seat of a sebring while installing one of the rear quarters.....tripped over the seat belt and tried to miss the rolling stool on my way out and rolled my ankle and broke the bone ......... f-ing hurts too! ok, now you can laugh, I deserve it! :DD
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Guest MidcoastMW

ouch!!! Was it the 5th metatarsil by any chance?? From what u describe, it is. I did the same thing in december playing soccer..... rolled my ankle REAL bad and heard a nice snap.

6months later and it still aches when I run or play sports for a period of time. Hopefully it heals up good!! I was in a hard cast up to my knee!!! :gasp

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