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Felt under your tint? Worry no more...

Guest blake27

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Guest blake27

There are several ways to kill felt so it does not get under the tint...

A. Place duck tape over the felt. Although, it may not stick to all felt liners. esp. ford. damn I hate ford. Remember that fingers on the felt liner will pull "trash" and felt particles under the tint. So, shrink your patterns.

B. Remove the felt. Hmm. Charge extra for that.

C. MY FAVORITE METHOD... Use a torch to "singe" the felt particles. If you do this right it WILL NOT cause a visual defect. The felt, however, will no longer be smooth or soft to the touch. And no, it will damage or scratch the film. How it works!! The felt liner is made of billions of little annoying black fibers that break loose and get can get under the film. When you "singe" or "burn" these little fibers they essentially "die" and fall off. As a result, very few fibers are left to make thier way under your film. Be sure not to go crazy, since over heating with the torch will cause a visual defect in the felt that the customer may notice. I use this method all the time and have never had a problem or complaint. :duck

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The high pressure of the cornelious tank does the same thing, without marring anything. I even use the pressure method after an install... if I notice that there is a felt hair, or easier yet, a dog hair, underneath my completely applied film, I just peel it back to that location, blast it with the pressure sprayer, and contamination problems solved.

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Guest blake27

exact-oh, ur a noob. its simply not safe to blast water under high pressure into a customers car. u will more than likely blast more dirt under the pattern than you remove. trust me, I've tinted over 10,000 cars... :beer but I wont tell nobody that u attempted that.. shhhhhhhhh

using a heat gun is just not as effective as using a propane torch set on medium. if you do it right, it works extremely well. I have found no cleaner method other than totally removing the felt liner. dont knock it before you try it. it all comes down to how confident you are... if you dont have steady hands and a reasonable amount of good judgement, then don't try it. there is nothing unsafe about it, unless ur a psycho tinter with delusions of tint grandeur. haaaaaaa

thems was jokes exact-oh. 100 psi nxcr tanks are cool to use too :lol2

very funny sir-tints-a-not

it burnnzzzz


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Guest solarspot
Right on Tigerstripe, hair spray is what we still use...works great. no fire, no water, just hair spray.

hair spray :finger:

does that work better than tape

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